OL Net

Contact Info

45 Employees

Onion Lake – 26
Lloydminster – 19

All First Nation

Call: (306) 344 4204
Manager: Dwight Henry

OLNet is owned and managed by OLCN with its head office at the Business Development building.  It is a new business in which its intent is to provide a better value of internet services to residents and businesses but wishes to provide an even more robust system based on fiber soon.

Vision for OLNET:
To be able to provide all residents of OLCN with reliable broadband connectivity.
To be a source of meaningful employment to OLCN members; to become a household name known for reliability and great customer service to grow revenue

The Work Ahead:

  • infrastructure expansion to be able to connect more customers and provide increased bandwidth options
  • pushing for greater bill payment compliance through promotions and incentives
  • providing more methods of bill payment including a debit machine
  • continuing customer contact information updates in an effort to streamline communication to customers