Onion Lake Vacuum & Pressure

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Onion Lake Vacuum and Pressure (OLVP) was founded in 2011 as a division of Askiy Apoy Fluid Hauling to provide services to the local Oil and Gas industry.  Owned and Operated by Onion Lake Cree Nation, Onion Lake Vacuum & Pressure’s primary focus is to address the need for Oil Field maintenance utilizing our fleet of Vacuum and Pressure Trucks within Onion Lake Cree Nation lands.  OLVP was formed by the under the direction of Onion Lake Business Development Corporation (BDC) to capitalize on a business opportunity that is related to our previous oilfield endeavors.

Due to the high demand of service from our customer base, we have purchased additional units to meet their needs.  We currently have a fleet of 8 Semi Vacs and 4 Pressure Trucks. With the growth of the units, we are now able to move out of our “backyard” and expand into various markets within the area.

With all the progress made, OLVP had also made safety a high priority to ensure all of our work is carried out in a safety conscious manner.  OLVP have worked hard  to establish a formal Health and Safety program and recently received their Certification of Recognition (COR) with Enform Safety.  This certification will assist us in ensuring that OLVP are keeping current and up to date with rules and legislation with Oil and Gas.